The Leap of Faith June 5th, 2020

The Leap of Faith Friday June 5th

On the programme tonight, in a week where widespread unrest and protests at racial injustice have been intensifying in the US, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we hear the voices of two prominent Christian leaders: The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers (Canon to the Presiding Bishop – Michael Curry – for Evangelism, Reconciliation and Stewardship of Creation) in the US Episcopal Church and Jesuit Priest, Fr James Martin SJ, editor at large of America Magazine (the Jesuit review of faith and culture) and consultant to the Vatican’s communications department. Both express their outrage at President Trump’s photo opportunity earlier this week, holding the Bible, in front of St John’s Episcopal Church, where peaceful protesters had just been dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets and at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, in Washington DC.

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