The Leap of Faith Friday March 27th, 2020

The Road Ahead

On the Leap of Faith this week, we hear the voices of people of all faiths and none. They share how their beliefs influence their comprehension of the Covid-19 epidemic. We will listen to Jewish Rabbi Zalman Lent, Buddhist Reverend Myozan Kodo Kilroy and  Fiona English Spiritualist.  We are also joined by  Claire Dawson a Baha’i,  Muslim Shaykh Uman al Qadri,  Hindu Aparna Shukla, Church of Ireland priest the Reverend Gillian Wharton. Fr.Paddy Byrne joins us from his home in Portlaoise, as does Sikh Dr Jasbir Singh Puri.  Sharon Foley is CEO of Irish Hospice Foundation, and she talks about the challenges for those grieving in isolation. Fr Gerard Dunne, Chaplain at UCC, talks about the care of students from home and abroad and their concerns.

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