The Leap of Faith March 6th

Vatican Radio

On the Leap of Faith this week as the Papal Archive of Pope Pius XII is opened in Rome we talk with Rabbi David Rosen in Jerusalem on what it might reveal and how the documents there might add to or reduce tensions that exist on the role of the then Pope in the protection of Jews in World War II. We’ll also hear from historian  Dr Patrick Houlihan Ast’ Professor of Twentieth-Century European History at TCD who is one of the few people to get access to the Archive.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has surveyed discrimination and hate crimes against Jews in the EU.  We talk with Director Professor Michael O’Flaherty on the findings of the report.

And we share a very personal insight into the life of Father Michael Moloney who made history when having left the priesthood to marry, returned on the death of his wife. He would later solemnize the wedding of his own son. 

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