The Leap of Faith Feb 7th, 2020

Sasha Sagan with her father Carl and mother Ann

On the Leap of Faith this week, two of our guests talk about the importance of rituals in the absence of faith.  Ruth Scott is an Irish broadcaster, she describes herself as a humanist and tonight talks about her decision to leave the Catholic Church. She was one of 12,000 people who downloaded a form from to register their intention to disaffiliate themselves.  

Our second guest is author Sasha Sagan, daughter of astronomer the late Carl Sagan who in her latest book “For Small Creatures Such as We”, hunts for the meaning behind our most common, celebrations and wonders how we can grow these roots into new and fulfilling secular rituals.

We also hear from Nick Spencer he is Senior Fellow at Theos, a UK organisation that stimulates the debate about the place of religion in society. Nick was in Dublin recently where he addressed a conference at the Loyola Institute in Trinity where he spoke on religious literacy in the media.

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